About me

I’m Kelly; just a ‘normal mum’ I waited until my late 30s to become a ‘geriatric’ Mum, and unfortunately for many reasons IVF was our route to having a baby. Stressful, life altering and bloody expensive! 

Dorothea is now 6- and life very quickly went from weaning and playdates, to school admin and a sassy attitude. 

I’m all for real; as i dont think social media ‘perfection’ is healthy for anyone. Often sweary, opinionated and I’m not scared to publish a ‘controversial’ post (open to a good intelligent debate).

I try my best in everything; but I’m not perfect. I’ll often chat about my favourite things which include:

– Making Dorothea look super cute in fab outfits (I try to buy handmade/small/ethical/organic brands- but don’t always have the budget for it)

– Doing fun play activities

– Drinking the ‘odd’ gin; always open to a recommendation, drop me a line!

– I try to be as eco- friendly as I can ( but hippy mum I am not) reducing plastic, recycling, reducing toxins etc etc

– Having fun family days out; we have National Trust membership and we’re not afraid to use it. 

– Moaning about life, being tired, work, and generally having the odd (sometimes hormone driven) rant.

If you’re still reading; then you may just like my blog, so read on! (Warning: I talk a lot of shit)