Milk, weaning and more

Got milk???

Breastfeeding, I could write all day about this….. (and will share my personal experiences and controversial opinions soon) but for now I will make just a few points…..

The UK has the actual lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, 81% of babies are breastfed immediately after birth, which drops to 24% of babies that are exclusively breastfed (this means no formula) at 6 weeks and then a scary 1% that are still exclusively breastfed at 6 months.

In Scandinavia, 98% of women breastfeed immediately after birth and 80% are still exclusively feeding at 6 months.

In a current UK survey, a greater percentage of people said it was more acceptable to breastfeed a baby in a public toilet rather than at a restaurant table!!!!

You’re also not allowed to breastfeed in many areas of the Houses of Parliament, WTF? Yes, I can blame the government for this too, they cut the support and keep it something that mothers shouldn’t do while they’re working for whatever unacceptable reasons they have.

It is a perfectly natural and normal thing; and it should be encouraged and supported! My journey wasn’t easy- 3 weeks of pain, baby losing weight, reflux, pumping routine, returning to work; and then eventually have to wean off as I had to start disease modifying drugs that are not safe for breastfeeding.

It takes more than the mother, it takes the baby, the partner and the surrounding family and friends that make it possible. I’ve been lucky to have such support around me, most of the population of UK aren’t as fortunate. Hopefully this will change soon.

So next time you see a breastfeeding Mum encourage her, praise her, grab her a coffee or cake ☕️ 🍰 anything that makes her feel more comfortable 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

1 thought on “Got milk???”

  1. This post made me well up, I was that struggling first time mum who someone bought the coffee for and it made all the difference. I now champion my breastfeeding friends, I’m on the phone any hour with hints and help. It takes a village, but it’s so worth it xx

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