Life of a Mum

Head sniffing weirdo!

Mums are weird, fact! I often find myself sniffing Dorotheas head at 2am- enjoying her unique stinky baby smell. I’m sure it’s a mix of delicious things; sherbet smelling Boep shampoo (a German brand which you really must try )a mix of fragrances from her cuddlers that day, yogurt/ porridge/ fruit she’s decided to use as a hair mask and her own brand of yumminess.

I’m sure most mums are secret ‘sniffers’ – or have other guilty pleasures related to the overwhelming love that motherhood causes.

I will also admit I love the ‘wee hours’ cuddles- as much as I’m a sleep deprived zombie, with a brain functioning at 22% and a blood stream mainly consisting of coffee! There’s something special about those dopey snuggles- especially from a toddler who is become increasingly independent and won’t sit on Mummy’s knee anymore. Although I’m craving the feeling a full nights sleep would bring- I’m sure I’d also miss those moments.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get bored of washing, folding and putting away tiny clothes. As much as washing sucks ( and no I don’t iron, a skill which my husband cannot believe I don’t possess) and seems a never ending story of sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away etc. – there’s something different about it when it comes to baby clothes.

I remember very clearly being about 34 weeks pregnant; feeling the intense joy of seeing a clothes drier full or tiny pink and white items. After waiting years to becoming a mum, thinking it would never happen due to infertility and a failed IVF cycle- this washing load felt like a truly special milestone. One of the moments I felt I really became a mother.

The intense love being a mum is immeasurable; looking at your child and thinking they’re literally the best thing in the whole world. There’s something quite narcissistic about it; looking a creation from both yourself and the one you love most and thinking it’s the most glorious thing ever! Being a Mum is truly knackering, totally overwhelming but also the best job in the world.

Dads are weirdos too- they generate pleasure from farts, toe fluff and nose picking! …… but that’s a whole different story

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