Life of a Mum

Just like Daddy!

Seeing Dorothea with her Daddy is awesome; they have the best time. It’s all tickles, farts, hide and seek and raspberry blowing!

They are very alike; Dorothea seems to reflect her Daddy’s looks more than mine- the piercing blue eyes, the delicate nose and the cute butt!

She’s also very similar in personality. Loving and sensitive, but also impatient and stubborn!

If she wants something she wants it- she won’t accept no for an answer; much like Daddy- I’m sure this will become even more obvious as her vocabulary improves.

She’s creative and bright like Daddy, she also doesn’t talk much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Daddy is the silent strong type and D seems to be the same.

She grumpy when hungry and tired- something that both Daddy and Mummy are guilt of too!

Like, I’m guessing most families; Daddy is the fun one and I’m the strict one! Daddy does all the silly stuff, the mess making. Mummy is the one that tries to insist she tidys it up!

Dorothea is cheeky (I think Daddy is too) always has a sneaky way of getting their way, mostly without you even realising you’ve let them get away with it!

Like Daddy, D seems very sensitive to others feelings- already shows sympathy and kindness when others are sad. She’s a sensitive little lady, and likes to give attention to others as well as receive it when she’s sad.

How is she like me????

Well she eats anything and everything!!!

She likes to laugh and be silly.

She has ‘those looks’ that say a million words- I’m sure she’s soon develop Mummies infamous eye roll, she already has an epic side eye!!!

She’s a good sharer; will happily share her toys and is kind to others.

I’m excited to see how’s these traits and her fun personality develops further.

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