Life of a Mum

Mum bod…. what’s happened

I’m now two years post-partum- in fact that’s not even a thing. Having a baby an no longer an excuse for a untoned body with 10 extra pounds of chub- an lets be honest that’s what I’m dealing with right now!

It all started so well– this (above) is me 6 days after giving birth- compared with 40 weeks pregnant. I lost me weight quickly- due to the fact that during pregnancy I kept active and ate well. Meaning my weight was mostly; baby, placenta and fluid- with a few pounds of cake weight.

In the early Months post birth I was a machine- warm months of work meant regular walks, workouts when she was asleep and home cooked healthy meals. TBH I looked fab, probably didn’t feel it; big boobs and little excess weight! Oh breast feeding I loved you

My pregnancy starting condition was reasonable- I had IVF med bloat for months- but managed to workout with the other half. I was into HIIT and kettlebells, and was a healthy eating mission for the IVF to work. It do and this is me 8 weeks pregnant (above) the belly is more added progesterone meds’ rather that pregnancy.

Now life with an active toddler and a stressful job is quite different. In the early days of being a mum I had time to train and do meal prep. Now my ‘part time’ job- working four days a week (with an hour commute each way) leaves little time for organised eating, and certainly no motivation to train!

Myself and the other half seem to have been on a self destruct mission since just before Christmas. I swear I’ve eaten more pizza December- February than the previous two years- and this is no exaggeration!

I actually cannot remember the last time I worked out; unless chasing Dorothea around a play park counts! I’ve certainly made more cakes than salads, and our recycling bin is more Alcoholics Anonymous than Veganuary!!!

We need help! And to be honest our crappy diet and lack or motivation to be active has had an impact on Dorothea! I do not want this- we want to teach her to make healthy choices, be active and enjoy her five a day; recently I’m doubting I’ve had two a day (unless grapes in wine count- they don’t do they???)

Pizza eating (below)

Soooo….. me and the Mr have made a pact to now be good……. no more; Christmas, winter, Dorotheas birthday, valentines excuses!

Time to get back to it; healthy eating, two days a week without alcohol (gulp), regular workouts and activity, no more normal cake excuses. This will be better for us and our family!!! Watch me as I succeed; and I will, but I promise no dull #myswjourney (because I don’t believe in fad diets or shakes)

This is how I feel now (below)

check out my insta to follow melodies g the gained 10lbs!!!!

New gym kit from

Hoping this will motivate me

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