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Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park

Dorothea is a massive Peppa Pig fan- she loves to snort and jump in muddy puddles; so Peppa Pig world was always on our wish list of family days out.

Paultons park kindly gifted us a day out in return for an honest review.

We visited on Monday the 9th of September, and although the weather man gave us very bad news our first impressions of the park were great! The park was very well signposted from the main roads so finding it was stress-free, and parking was free and easy too. Being in term time we had very small queues to get in and we were given an easy to use map to get around the park.

On entering the park there is multiuse lockers for £4, which saves you carrying around your picnic and change of clothes all day; there’s also kids buggy/wagons to hire if you have a full to brim car and no room for your own buggy. If you take your own pram/buggy, then there are plenty of ‘buggy parks’ around the ride entrances. Signs around the park help you to easily find your way around, there’s also a really useful app that’s free to download with an interactive map to plan your day. We were impressed by the pretty gardens, forest feel and fabulous topiary; it is really a more picturesque parks than most.

With an excitable two year old we headed straight to Peppa Pig world; the park has lots more to offer; certainly for families with different aged children, and I can imagine to make the most out of the whole park a two day visit would probably be required.  The entrance to Peppa pig world did not disappoint! Colourful signs, Grandpa/mas house,  Miss Rabbits helicopter ride and giant bright coloured flowers gave us a warm welcome, and Dorothea started to skip about enthusiastically.

We walked along the path, trying to help Dorothea gain confidence for the day (to go on rides, shes quite shy), we were impressed with the cleanliness of the park and loves all the sound effects and music- it really added to the feel of the experience. Dorothea stopped to have a look at the ducks (not real ones; although there are plenty of those too) and had a beaming smile. We then turned around to see Madame Gazelles school house and to meet Peppa and George. It was really very sweet to see D meet giant versions of her favourite characters, and they spent time saying hello to the kids and giving them big hugs.Between the rain showers we experienced most of the rides; Dorotheas favourite was Daddy pigs car ride, which we went on 3 times. We had very few queues over 5 minutes the joy of a rainy day I think; there’s also a handy feature on the app which shows queue times to help you get around with least fuss. All of the rides had room for parents/guardians and siblings/friends, so even the shyest of toddlers can be supported to enjoy the day.

Mummy loved Georges dinosaur adventure ride, and Daddys favourite was Grampy Rabbits sailing club. We enjoyed‘Mr potatos playground’ with slides, swings, roundabouts etc. and a lovely rainbow path.

There’s a ‘Muddy Puddle’ play area which I imagine is great fun on a warm day; with its water fountains, puddles and interactive buttons to press to start the water features. Either way depending on the weather you’ll want to pack a swimsuit, or welly boots and waterproofs.

The area we ran to during a down pour was ‘Georges Spaceship play zone’ – a fab soft play area for all ages (there’s an under 2s, under 5s and open play areas) with slides, climbing frames and tunnels. This area also has a cafe and seating area for the grown ups.

The park is beautifully themed, with giant characters, flowers, trees and cute colourful buildings all around; perfect for photo opportunities and there’s also park photographers which can capture family pictures and also ride photos (look on the app for photo offers).

A variety of food is on offer; the usual theme park fodder of pizza, hotdogs, chips, donuts and ice cream- we took a picnic but the pizza smelled delicious!

There’s lots of sheltered undercover picnic benches, both in Peppa Pig world and just outside  (just beware of the ducks).  And on a nice day lots of grassy areas (how do they keep the grass there so trim and green???).

Peppa Pig world has a HUGE shop selling a massive array of all things piggy; with some lovely exclusive products. D went home with Miss Rabbits plane, a back pack, ball and mug; which she’s rather pleased with. There’s also another shop at the exit (which you sneakily have to walk through to leave) with a larger range of items, but less Peppa Pig.

Toilets and baby changing facilities were easy to find around the park, I liked the fact that the loos had built in toddler seats to help when toilet training, and also seats with harnesses to secure little ones so mummy can wee in peace.

We were surprised that the many charter ride ons around the park (like you see outside supermarkets and in service stations) were free to ride on- D loves these so was a nice bonus between big rides. Like at fairgrounds there were games for a few quid to win large teddies and peppa soft toys; Daddy spent all his pocket money here, yet failed to win- we did not see anyone carrying their wins around, so maybe these games a near on impossible- who knows?

Overall we loved the park. We are already planning when to go again; and quite fancy a trip for either their Halloween or Christmas specials. Day tickets are £35 per adult and toddlers under 1 metre are free. I can imagine we will visit at least yearly for most of Dorotheas childhood; it’s quite a drive for us but there’s a number of low cost premier inns for a low cost over night stay locally. Peppa Pig World we cant wait to visit again.

Peppa Pig World Website

Dorotheas outfit

Leggings from Little Stitches Online

Peppas Bestie Tee from Primrose and Bear

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