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Halloween invitation to play

👻 Halloween 🎃

We did a themed sensory play today.

Dorothea loved it (anything messy pleases her)

We used:

– @zimplikids geli baff in blue {gifted}

– @zimplikids slime baff in oozy red {gifted}

– orange lentils

– rice noodle worms

– a dropped pumpkin

– conkers

– white pumpkin to colour in (with felt tips)

– Halloween spiders

– celery goblin fingers

I recycled some brown paper I had flowers wrapped in and taped to the floor for an easy clean up.

This activity kept her busy for about 1.5 hours. I then added the ‘ingredients’ into jars/bowls/bottles to decorate outside for Halloween (waste not want not)

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