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Play Village- Warwick

For the both Dorothea’s second and third birthdays we have taken her to the Warwick play village. we think for her it offers the perfect day out; she loves pretend play, and this place offers every version of pretend play you could want!

From memory these are the different areas:

  • School
  • Post office
  • Theatre
  • Beauty/hair salon
  • Vets
  • Hospital
  • Fire station
  • Cafe
  • Supermarket
  • Ice cream van
  • Picnic area/bbq
  • Building site

The play village has two available sessions- morning or afternoon; each gives 2.5 hours play. It’s £10 per child and that gives entrance for two adults also. Parking is free and plentiful.

Within the play village there’s an awesome cafe; so you can have coffee and cake with a view of the play area. They do a full range of breakfasts, lunches, cakes, hot and cold drinks. The coffee is pretty good too.

Whilst kids are left to play as they wish, the team at the Play Village also organises activities; singing, dancing, stories and treasure hunts. On both occasions we’ve been for Dorothea’s birthday, they’ve sang to her and given her a card; a sweet touch!

2nd birthday in the beauty salon

Any negatives??? Well one; this place is soooo hard to find, the sat navved postcode will lead you to a services on a nearby dual carriageway. Instead type in Hampton rd and wing it. The play village is down a little Lane; you will think you’ve gone the wrong way, but it’s worth it when you get there promise. ( allow a little extra time for getting lost! The staff informed me they should be getting a brown road sign soon.)

The different a year makes- the shop aged 2

To make a full day trip the nearly towns of Warwick and Leamington are both beautiful; with varied shopping streets and places to eat/drink. In Leamington we recommend and in Warwick

Dots outfit from

Life of a Mum, Weaning

Balanced toddler breakfasts

When I ask Dot what she wants for breakfast her answer is generally ‘snack plate’

I find that if I give her a bowl of cereal or porridge, or a plate of just toast; then she won’t eat much. But if I give her a plate with a few different bits she will.

Our favourites-

  • Fresh fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • Yoghurt (in a pot or with added honey)
  • Cereal (dry or with milk)
  • Porridge
  • Cheese cubes
  • Dairylea on a cracker
  • Crumpet
  • Toast
  • Soreen mini loafs
  • Kiddilicious snacks
  • Topped rice cake
  • Bagel
  • Graze snacks

Our favourite plates:

I hope you like checking out the pictures for ideas; let me know how your little one gets on.