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Great intentions- Plastic Free July

I had great intentions to create many blogs related to plastic free July- yet here I am on the 20th writing the first one!

I feel ‘plastic free’ or eco intentions have the same fate often; it’s an effort we often mean to make, but never quite get there! I thought I’d create a short read on some of my favourite eco products to help get you started on your plastic free journey this July….. or any month.

Rowdy Kind If you have kids then these clean and care products are awesome. Rowdy Kind was founded by Kate and Anne Marie who are sister in laws! The two mums shared the concept of Rowdy Kind and before they knew it were officially on a joint plastic free bath time mission. Rowdy Kind was launched in 2020 and now stock a full range of plastic free body care for children. I love them because the bright colours, great scents and funky design make them appealing to kids- but also because they’re plastic free, vegan and palm oil free too. Shop at Rowdy Kind use ninja10 for a nice discount.

FFS I love this brand, not only because ffs is something I often say (😆) but also because my shave routine was one of the things I struggled to make eco friendly, and they really helped.

FFS, are on a mission to be kind to your skin and the planet. That’s why their deliveries will be packaged in 100% FSC Approved Recyclable cardboard! Once finished with, you can either pop this in your recycling bin or use them to store used blades by sending them back to ffs to be recycled!

They have several complimentary products to help improve your shave, all of which are cruelty and paraben free and come in tubes made from Sugarcane polythene, which means they are also 100% recyclable.

Yes that’s personalised engraving on my razor handle!! Love it- shop at FFS to get your own eco shave routine. Use JULYSAVE20 for discount

Foamie has long been one of my fave eco brands, but now they have a new product! The most awesome dry shampoo. It’s available for dark and light hair, smells awesome and leasts no powdery residue- it’s available to buy here at Holland&Barrett

Life of a Mum

When life gives you lemons …

Guess I’m lucky , for me it was just another day…….

At 40 I’m the same age as Dame Deborah James…… on the day she lost her life i had the privilege of a day at work, a date night with my husband and the pleasure of singing my girl to sleep.

In any other day it would seem mundane, even tiring…….

But shit….. it means a lot.

I got to wake up, get ready for work, toilet my girlie and do her hair (jobs of a mama)

My job isn’t easy. Uses my 18 years nursing experience; meeting with senior team members, liaising with medical consultants, pathology, the coroner…….

It was a rush; a full work day, handing Dot over to Nana, getting ready….. enjoying to food, drinks and music was the easy part

Hearing our loss; celebrating what was an amazing, powerful and productive life…….. singing my girl to sleep; knowing some little ones are without their mama, life is precious.

Embrace every moment….. when life throws your lemons, make lemonade. Lemon dress

Please give to the Bowel Babe fund if you can afford to Just giving bowel babe