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Colourful Soles- Guest Blog

I’m a mum of 2 wonderful and spirited children, from the minute my daughter was born my perspective on life changed completely. This changein me inspired the opening of our Independent Children’s shoe shop in Lutterworth, Colourful Soles.

Our mission is to support the development of children, support our local economy and communityand for me personally I want to be able to read a story to my children, Ella and Thomas every night. 

Colourful Soles is a Children’s shoe shop, inside we are a team who are trained to measure feet and fit shoes correctly. We want shoe shopping for children (and those with them) to be an enjoyable experience and for them to go away with a pair of shoes that fits their individual and unique feet and personality.

Up until November 2012 I had spent all my working life dedicated to a large ‘Blue Chip’ business and became accustomed, if not somewhat addicted to, the long hours, travelling the world, discovering new experiences, the people (not all of them particularly nice) the salary and the rush of landing new contracts. On the 22nd of November my daughter, Ella was born and from that moment on I knew I had changed. 

I went through the motions for 5 years, going back part time after maternity leave, working long hours, answering e-mails @ 1am, being away from home for numerous nights, knowing deep down though that my heart was not in it. Being a mum was my priority and the compromise was getting too much for me. 

When my son Thomas was born, I decided there and then that I no longer wanted to be number in a big business, I wanted my family to come first.  I started training and learning about the development of the foot inspired by the fact that I couldn’t find the right shoe for my daughters’ narrow ankle and foot. Re-enforced by my sons’ wide foot and high step and inclination to pronate I decided I wanted to offer shoes for children that I couldn’t find.

Finally 2 years later the perfect unit turned up and we made an offer, I handed my notice in and started contacting companies that I trusted and believed in. 6 months later the icing on the cake I found the perfect partner, Sarah, to work alongside me who has experienced a very similar journey. Now I love coming to work and I love what I do, I like meeting new wonderful customers and having time for family and friends without secretly checking my phone for an e-mail or message. It’s fun! Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t come without worry but it is absolutely worth it. My family and friends have been more supportive that I could’ve hoped for and without making you want to reach for the sick bucket, couldn’t imagine better.

Couple of facts you might not be aware of…

By the time a child is 8 years old they’ve already walked, on average, 11,500km which is the distance from London to New York and back! The right shoes for all that walking is so important, allowing room to grow and supporting those soles!

The bones in the foot don’t stop forming until 18 years old, the right shoes will help those bones form properly.

Loving life…loving work and of course loving shoes! X



Guest Blogs, highlighton other fab ladies, Life of a Mum, Other fabulous ladies

Mums in Business- The Frailty Nurse

The Frailty Nurse.

Frailty Nurse- Instagram

I’m a Mum of 2 girls aged 3 & 5, a wife and a dog owner!!

Prior to children I worked full time as a Community Matron for the NHS preventing ageing patients being admitted into hospital. 

When my second little one arrived I decided to try and get a better work life balance so launched my own business to allow me the flexibility to fit in around them while still keeping my independence and registration……….Frailty Nurse Consultants was launched.

It’s main aim to to support families with their ageing parents by offering advice, support and guidance to keep our ageing relatives safe at home.

I am passionate about the care of our older generation. Our population is ageing, we are living longer with more complex needs and long term conditions at home.

Navigating through all the options out there is complex, time consuming and confusing. This is where my business is here to help.

We offer support to you and your ageing parents, to help plan and navigate the health and social care system taking pressure off you all and put steps in place to keep them ticking along nicely. 

 We do this by completing an assessment at your parents home where all their needs and issues can discussed in a friendly and professional manor.
We can also help to save money by exploring options and benefits available.

We also offer a Frailty visiting service if you do not live near your ageing parents and would like peace of mind they are still managing ok, we report back any concerns and work as a team to keep them safe.

Finding someone to trust and who can help is the key, we are caring and compassionate and champion the needs of our elderly clients.

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