Life of a Mum

When life gives you lemons …

Guess I’m lucky , for me it was just another day…….

At 40 I’m the same age as Dame Deborah James…… on the day she lost her life i had the privilege of a day at work, a date night with my husband and the pleasure of singing my girl to sleep.

In any other day it would seem mundane, even tiring…….

But shit….. it means a lot.

I got to wake up, get ready for work, toilet my girlie and do her hair (jobs of a mama)

My job isn’t easy. Uses my 18 years nursing experience; meeting with senior team members, liaising with medical consultants, pathology, the coroner…….

It was a rush; a full work day, handing Dot over to Nana, getting ready….. enjoying to food, drinks and music was the easy part

Hearing our loss; celebrating what was an amazing, powerful and productive life…….. singing my girl to sleep; knowing some little ones are without their mama, life is precious.

Embrace every moment….. when life throws your lemons, make lemonade. Lemon dress

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