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Boob- who knew?!?!?

When I was pregnant I was determined to breast feed; I tried to read a few book, go on the Facebook support pages and subscribed to mother and baby magazine.

I thought I knew enough to get me by. But I felt anxious about it all; it’s one of those things you don’t really ‘get’ until you’re doing it. And even then everyday is a school day.

Here’s some interesting (or weird things I never really knew).

1. Breastfeeding doesn’t mean the delay to your periods returning.

Yes this one really sucked; I was led to believe that one of the lovely benefits from breastfeeding was that your got a nice break from periods, this was supported my comments from friends when they were gutted their monthly friend returned after a year!

Well I had a two week post-partum bleed and then lo and behold- 28 bleeding days later Aunt Flo returned! What the actual fuck- I mean how unfair is that?!?!?!?

Not only that but whilst I was breast feeding my monthly visitor only arrived every ruddy month perfectly on time! couldn’t do that when we were trying to get pregnant and go through fertility treatment could it???

Ready for some even more shit news; (and this is a bit gross) when you are actually feeding your uterus contracts meaning that you sit their feeling the blood flood out. I mean lovely- totally wonderful. Mother BLOODY nature!

( slightly pissed off infertile woman here)

2. Let down

Well where to begin with this one; I’ll just go for it, imagine 37,500 ants crawling all over you tits. Well this is what ‘let down’ feels like. What???? You ask…..

Well did you know you milk just does sit ready to come out (otherwise we’d all just sit in puddles of milk); your babies first few sucks stimulates you boobs enough to ‘open the gates’ of your ducts- this is called ‘let down’, and let me warn you- that is a bloody weird feeling!

3. Porn star boobs

Ever contemplated getting a boob job, or wished you were curvier to help you feel sexier?

Well about 3 days after birth you’ll get a ‘free trial’ of those huge, rounded, stuck on looking bazookas- and you’ll feel sooo sexy!!! Er nope, they’re huge, they hurt, they feel like they’re going to explode, they’re hot, they’re leaking; and now you have to try and attach a baby onto them. Trying to attach a soft mouthed tiny new born onto a huge, hard, rounded football is flipping hard. And you’ll also decide you don’t want a boob job.

4. It’s good for your mental health.

I definitely struggled with my mental health more after weaning Dorothea off the boob. So I did some research and found your brain releases the hormones prolactin and oxytocin during breastfeeding, which help you to bond with baby and ease those normal feelings of stress and anxiety.

5. Breastfeeding burns loads of calories

Breastfeeding burns between 500-600 calories a day. That means some mums might end up losing weight without any additional exercise! But in reality it also makes you really hungry- I remember stuffing my face with flapjacks in the middle of the night. Also breastfeeding mums will generally spend more time sitting down- for me this signals ‘snack time’ – so don’t count on losing that weight; but in reality who cares, breastfeeding is great and so are flapjacks.

6. Rainbow milk. Milk is white right? Wrong!

When expressing I found that the bottles of milk in my fridge could be different colours- sometimes with a blue tinge! Apparently this change can be due to what you’ve eaten or your babies needs (milk constituents can change daily- clever eh?)

7. You produce milk long after feeding stops.

I figured that soon after I stopped feeding that I would ‘dry up’. Not the case- I found in the months following I would leak milk when emotional, and now (over a year later) milk is still there if pressure is put on my boobs.

8. Breastmilk jewellery

You can get gorgeous jewellery made from your milk! This one is always controversial, with many thinking it’s weird, but I love my milk pendant.

Check out:

9. Flapjacks!

Oats are supposed to be good for milk production and flapjacks are yummy! This was a recipe I created; these are great for devouring during night feeds (lots of good ingredients too)

⁃ 1 cup coconut oil

⁃ 3/4 cup agave syrup

⁃ 10 dried dates finely chopped

⁃ 1 apple finely chopped/grated

⁃ ( melt down the above in a pan until a gooey syrup- then add)

⁃ 1 cup chopped off nuts( I used cashews)

⁃ 4 cups oats

⁃ 1 cup milled flax seed

⁃ 4 tablespoons brewers yeast

Mix well, bake in flat pan for 15 mins at 180 (or until firm and browning)

10. Breastfeeding is amazing

It’s also hard work, often awkward, sometimes painful and welcomes some negative opinions. Next time you see a breastfeeding Mum be positive; a smile, compliment, cup of tea or biscuit.
Life of a Mum

Mum bod…. what’s happened

I’m now two years post-partum- in fact that’s not even a thing. Having a baby an no longer an excuse for a untoned body with 10 extra pounds of chub- an lets be honest that’s what I’m dealing with right now!

It all started so well– this (above) is me 6 days after giving birth- compared with 40 weeks pregnant. I lost me weight quickly- due to the fact that during pregnancy I kept active and ate well. Meaning my weight was mostly; baby, placenta and fluid- with a few pounds of cake weight.

In the early Months post birth I was a machine- warm months of work meant regular walks, workouts when she was asleep and home cooked healthy meals. TBH I looked fab, probably didn’t feel it; big boobs and little excess weight! Oh breast feeding I loved you

My pregnancy starting condition was reasonable- I had IVF med bloat for months- but managed to workout with the other half. I was into HIIT and kettlebells, and was a healthy eating mission for the IVF to work. It do and this is me 8 weeks pregnant (above) the belly is more added progesterone meds’ rather that pregnancy.

Now life with an active toddler and a stressful job is quite different. In the early days of being a mum I had time to train and do meal prep. Now my ‘part time’ job- working four days a week (with an hour commute each way) leaves little time for organised eating, and certainly no motivation to train!

Myself and the other half seem to have been on a self destruct mission since just before Christmas. I swear I’ve eaten more pizza December- February than the previous two years- and this is no exaggeration!

I actually cannot remember the last time I worked out; unless chasing Dorothea around a play park counts! I’ve certainly made more cakes than salads, and our recycling bin is more Alcoholics Anonymous than Veganuary!!!

We need help! And to be honest our crappy diet and lack or motivation to be active has had an impact on Dorothea! I do not want this- we want to teach her to make healthy choices, be active and enjoy her five a day; recently I’m doubting I’ve had two a day (unless grapes in wine count- they don’t do they???)

Pizza eating (below)

Soooo….. me and the Mr have made a pact to now be good……. no more; Christmas, winter, Dorotheas birthday, valentines excuses!

Time to get back to it; healthy eating, two days a week without alcohol (gulp), regular workouts and activity, no more normal cake excuses. This will be better for us and our family!!! Watch me as I succeed; and I will, but I promise no dull #myswjourney (because I don’t believe in fad diets or shakes)

This is how I feel now (below)

check out my insta to follow melodies g the gained 10lbs!!!!

New gym kit from

Hoping this will motivate me