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Parenthood hasn’t cured our infertility.

Yes it’s National (or is it international) fertility awareness week. And I couldn’t let it pass without getting back to my roots, and the reason I started on Instagram and blogging.

My names Kelly and I’m infertile! Yes I’m also a mum of one- but this was after two gruelling rounds of IVF. And despite becoming a mum 5 years ago, a miracle hasn’t occurred- yup I’m still infertile!

So so so many people, it’s very annoying; have said ‘they know someone’ (yes we all do- but they’re probably the exception to the rule) that once they had IVF it ‘reset’ them and now they can get pregnant and have had more babies.

But, nah- doesn’t seem that fairy dust has been sprinkled this way. My/our infertility issues have not majestically regressed.

Infertility affects 1 in 7 heterosexual couple in the Uk NICE data and facts ….. and the older you get the more this increases. Despite that, infertility treatments are still very much underfunded and unavailable, unless you have a spare £10-20k sitting in the bank (which of course after the past few years, we all do, obvs)

So it fairly common, it affects your life, and yet treatment isn’t readily available, nor do we receive much (if any) education about fertility or infertility. Yes the majority of our teenage years and our twenties, it’s drummed into us about safe sex, and not having an unwanted pregnancy. This gives us all the false sense of security that we are all super fertile and then getting preggo is easy!!! Well for some it bloody isn’t.

My advice; never assume! If you’re in your twenties and wish to hold of ‘starting a family’ (I hate that term) then invest in some basic tests regarding your fertility- such as your hormone levels (blood tests), follicle count (ultrasound) and AMH (blood test)- this may support your feelings to wait, but may also indicate that your fertility isn’t all you’ve been led to believe. You, of course have options, to consider baby making earlier than planned or by banking/freezing eggs or embryos.

If you’re a guy; it’s similar, get some bloods and a sperm analysis (typically is cheaper and less invasive for men)

Unfortunately very little funded treatment is available on the NHS. So although we have 5 perfect ‘maybe baby’ embryos in the freezer, it’s more difficult to have the several thousand of pounds needed for treatment. But…. If you smoke, drink, take Drugs- and you have health issues related to this; then of course you can get NHS treatment and also medications. Don’t get me started.

Let me know your thoughts……

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Essentially blended full body massage!

I’ll start my saying ‘oh my!’

Firstly on my arrival I noted it was a beautiful setting; the sun was beaming down, there’s plenty of free close parking and Idyllic Well-being is wonderfully welcoming.

Clean, tidy, friendly and relaxing. The Idyllic well-being cabin is beautifully spacious and inviting, I was greeted with a smile and Laura from Essentially Blended came through and took me to the treatment room.

I must admit, I have a super busy life, and when I booked a ‘full body massage’ – I did not further reading or investigation. I was expecting a ‘full body massage’ for maybe 60 mins.

But, what I got was so much more! Laura is a well trained aromatherapist, not just a masseuse/beauty therapist, and it shows. First she went through a comprehensive and holistic assessment of me, my body, my lifestyle and my needs.

Essentially Blended has totally undersold herself with this treatment! I’ve had treatments at Spas that cost double, but we’re no where near as good as this. I wouldn’t call this a full body massage- more a full body experience.

I was in with Laura for about two hours in total. And was massages from top to toe, with a blended oil made specifically for me. The room smelt amazing, and as well as massaging me with an oil, she also popped a steamy bowl under the couch to relax me.

This was FULL body- I never knew how much tension I held in my forearms and lower legs and insteps until I had this treatment. Louise even gives you a mini facial, and amazing fragranced mask from Evolve Beauty whilst she performs the most exquisite head massage; that gentle but firm hair pulling was insane!

Laura even gave me (decent sized bottle) of a 3% oil blend to help my muscular tension to take home! Honestly, take my advice and quickly book up before she ups her prices

Honestly, it was the best massage ever. Huge thanks to Laura for gifting me a voucher towards this experience. You can find Essentially Blended at Wistow, in Idyllic Well-being, Leicestershire.