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Christmas gifts for the eco friendly

Eeeeek…… do you know your friend drops all the #plasticfree tags, or your cousin is super eco friendly???? Believe it or not they’re not super hard to buy for…… heres my top eco must haves for the super greens.

  • Make something

Sounds cheesy; but loads of thought goes into handmade. Think homemade granola, brownie mix, bath boards or a super retro mix tape! Here’s a great blog with some fabulous ideas Homemade gift blog

  • Cup it- secret whispers

Now you’d prob have to know her quite well for that I’m to be an idea; but it truly is a life changer! If your sister/bestie/workmate- is keen on being plastic free or reducing waste, then she’ll thank you for this (probably after giving you a weird look first). I started using period cups about two years ago- and I’m annoyed I didn’t try it sooner! Saves you loads of dosh(spend on gin), no nasty chemicals or risk of tss (so healthier) and no more whiffy bins to empty (hoorah!) honestly – game changer

  • Nothing new by Ruthie ru

I’m slightly obsessed by the cute upcycled jewellery from Nothing new by Ruthie Ru loads of awesome quirky pieces made from recycled vinyl or cds. Check them out.

  • Klean kanteen mug/cup or straws

From stocking filler straws, to secret Santa coffee cups, you could even make up a box of eco dreams for your son/daughter at uni. We find Klean Kanteen products to be great value, last well and love the fab colours too- definitely something for all the family here.

  • Tropic products

I love Tropic products! Made with all natural, cruelty free ingredients, some are even refillable! Speak to Charlie at Charlie Ball Tropic for recommendations and to order. I’d recommend an awesomely scented body pebble for your secret Santa, and the amazing personalised make up palette for you bestie ( oooh and treat yourself to the super greens serum and feel fresh deo whilst your there)

  • Refill rev voucher

Everyone loves a voucher (as does the giver, when you just don’t know what to buy). So if you’re buying for an eco warrior a Refill revolution voucher is the one- means they can get anything; from a spork, jar or sweets, coffee cup, period pants or even some lentils!

  • Planet picnic

One for outdoorsy families; we love our planet picnic reusables- they come out every weekend! Our egg sarnies are always in our wrap- opens up to a nice little knee blanket, Dot always has her snacks ready for the car in a snack pack, and our bamboo cutlery is ready to go. Planet Picnic fabric options are always funky, easy to wash and handmade too.

  • Soda stream

I bought my hubby a soda stream for his birthday and we love it!!! As you may know we like a gin or five, so it must save us tonnes of plastic mixer bottles. They even have a discounted gas recycle/refill scheme! Use this link for 10% off Soda stream

  • Vouchers for preloved fashion

Another (healthy) obsession of mine; I just love preloved fashion, and your eco friendly friend will to. If you’re local to Market Harborough grab a voucher for The Attic or Ginger Kate – you can grab wonderfully quirky blouses, a bargain designer piece, or (if you’re like me) just one more leopard print item!

  • Zen garden

Check out Zen garden for stunning zero waste beauty products. One product is perfect for a secret Santa- or make up a luxurious hamper for your best friend.

There we have it- buy them AND try them yourself- make sure you drop me a comment with what you think.

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Plastic no so fantastic- guest blog.

Why should we care about reducing our plastic waste?

If, like me, you’re a parent with children under 10 – by the time your kids are in their 30’s the oceans will contain more plastic by weight than fish.  Shocking eh?  

I like whales and turtles, and I want to make sure that my kids, and theirs too, get to appreciate beautiful sea-life but more than that – I’m pretty scared about the mess that my generation will be leaving behind.  We’re using up, and throwing away valuable resources like crude oil, with total disregard for the fact that they are finite.  We’re buying one million single use plastic bottles every minute of every day and they’re not all being recycled. Less than 10% will be recycled and that’s a fact!

We’re also consuming plastic – they’ve found traces of it in our poo 💩 and that can’t be good can it?! 

So, what can we do to reduce the amount of plastic we’re using (and throwing away)?  We all carry our own shopping bags now – right?!  Here are a few more easy swaps: some wonderful things that I honestly wouldn’t be without. 

Washable wipes: We’ve used them for almost six years now for faces, little bottoms, hands and countless other emergency wiping situations.  There are loads of great options out there for different budgets. Cheeky Wipes and Alva are both great. Not only are the disposable wipes wrapped in plastic, but I’m yet to come across a brand which is truly biodegradable. Once you’ve used cloth wipes you won’t look back!

Reusable water bottle: Forget spending your hard-earned money on single use plastic water bottles.  Instead, spend around £15 on a reusable. I love One Green Bottle or Kleen Kanteen and there are great options for kids too.  Stainless steel keeps your water tasting fresh and, if you’re partial to a cold drink then there are options for you too. 

Snack pouches:  My eldest rates her day based on the quality of the after school snack I bring her – I daren’t disappoint!  I use her Fluf snack bag every day to carry snacks to school.  Sometimes it’s a peeled and segmented orange which she can easily gobble as we walk home, a handful of nuts and raisins, popcorn or a cold sausage – whatever I manage to throw in as I leave the house.  These bags save me from using plastic bags. They wipe clean easily and take up no space at all when snack time is over. ( these pouches are even made locally)

Finally, try to choose wooden toys, buy pre-loved and avoid plastic tat.  Hard plastics used to make toys are among the most difficult to recycle. Many local councils don’t actually recycle them at all so they go to landfill or for incineration.  If you must buy new, try going for (sustainable) wooden toys – like Tender Leaf, Bigjigs or Lanka Kade.  Many of the toys we use are pre-loved and we actually buy very little for the kids on birthdays and Christmas. 

If you’re a Harbs local and want to learn more about how to reduce waste, pop along to see me for a chat.  Refill Revolution is in the Indoor Market on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. 

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