Pretend play!

Dorothea loves to pretend to be just like Mummy. Her favourite things are to look after her baby and clean!

She’s just been #gifted this Melissa and Doug cleaning caddy from Hello Baby and adores it.

Dot loves to ‘just pretend’ spraying the coffee table and polishing it up. The cup comes with lots of different bottles and cleAning implements- which enables your toddler to be just like mummy.

Think she’ll be wanting to use this one in the garden in the summer and then we can fill the bottles with water and bubbles.

Follow the link below to buy.

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Halloween invitation to play

๐Ÿ‘ป Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ

We did a themed sensory play today.

Dorothea loved it (anything messy pleases her)

We used:

– @zimplikids geli baff in blue {gifted}

– @zimplikids slime baff in oozy red {gifted}

– orange lentils

– rice noodle worms

– a dropped pumpkin

– conkers

– white pumpkin to colour in (with felt tips)

– Halloween spiders

– celery goblin fingers

I recycled some brown paper I had flowers wrapped in and taped to the floor for an easy clean up.

This activity kept her busy for about 1.5 hours. I then added the ‘ingredients’ into jars/bowls/bottles to decorate outside for Halloween (waste not want not)